How does Desktop Host deliver value?

Desktop Host delivers both hard, quantifiable benefits and softer, intangible ones.
The Quantifiable Benefits 
• Shared IT management: By pooling IT operations, data center management, application managers, and database administrator’s can all be shared across multiple users.

• No maintenance: Because there is one application and no local software, companies avoid the headache of software upgrades or aging technology.

• Shared Technology Infrastructure: By pooling usage across multiple companies, efficiency gains can be realized through better use of data centers, processing and data storage capabilities.

The Intangible Benefits
• Best practice functionality: By upgrading one version of the solution centrally, every user, whether working for a Fortune 50 company or a start-up, can have access to the same leading capabilities.

• Speed to implementation: Because the solution is delivered via the Internet, users can be up and running very quickly. While there is often some level of customization and preparation that is required, the start-up costs are dramatically lower than for a typical behind-the-firewall solution.

• Freedom of choice: With a typical software installation, the cost of change is prohibitive. But with a remote Desktop Host approach, it is much easier.

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