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Manage your IT with remote Desktop Host

Business owners often struggle with managing small offices. With less than twenty five users and no IT support on-site, these offices often have expensive internet connections, domain controllers, file servers, and sometimes even e-mail and application servers on site that need to be managed and maintained. This all adds up to high operational costs and likely a sub-par end-user experience.

Many smaller offices have costly T1s in place for connectivity to the internet. There are many higher bandwidth, less expensive options available that can slash costs by 75% or more. For example, a T1 might cost $650 per month or more, while a DSL or cable Internet connection with more download bandwidth and slightly less upload bandwidth can be had for as little as $40 to $60 per month. And with emerging options such as high speed Comcast becoming available that provide ten times the symmetrical bandwidth of a T1 for less than $100 per month, businesses should definitely re-evaluate the practice of deploying T1s.

Desktop Host brings the concept of remotely hosted software applications to the desktop. Rather than deploying desktops, Operating Systems, and applications at the office, users simply connect to a central server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) using a personal computer or thin client. The connection between the office and the remote Desktop Host data center is secured. This is entirely transparent to end-users. The user sees their personalized desktop and applications when they login. Provided there is adequate bandwidth, and with the sufficient resources on the Desktop Host server, the user experience is virtually identical to having a “fat” desktop. Licensing costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated with a remote Desktop Host implementation. Desktop Host is also centrally managed and secured. For instance, if a user were to install malware on their virtual desktop, it can be completely deleted and redeployed in a matter of minutes.

If your business is struggling with the cost, management, and administration of a small office, consider the following:

1. Costs can be reduced quickly and easily. Start with evaluating internet connectivity costs. There is a good chance that some quick savings can be realized by simply changing the type of internet connection.

2. Don’t forget about the users. It is especially important to have someone to consult with the office users during infrastructure changes. Explain what is being considered and why it is good for them and for the business.

3. Try it first. It’s always a good idea to pilot technology changes prior to rolling out a solution.

Working together on a gamePLAN to build efficiencies can help you optimize your technology budget, lower IT spending, and better manage business costs so you can do more with less—and ultimately, save money.

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