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Benefits of "up to date" Software

Conicker is a virus that, in the form of multiple variants, infected unpatched computers.

Last year Conicker garnered mainstream attention due to a supposed April 1 trigger.  On that date, Conicker-infected computers were expected to "phone home" to fetch new instructions from whoever hold's the viruses reins.  Presumably, the goal of Conficker's controllers involved the creation of a netwok of personal computers and servers that would carry out illegal machine-based activities.

Microsoft released a patch for Conficker, and members of the computer security community prepared a set of freely available tools to aid in Conficker detection and removal for infected systems. Whether it was because of these tools or because Conficker had been highly overestimated, April Fools Day 2009 came and went, and the nation's computing systems (for the most part) remained unscathed.

With that said, Conficker called attention to the problems inherent in deploying systems that offer internet access, and it highlighted the importance of watching more closely the privileges granted to corporate users.

Moreover, because Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 machines proved to be significantly less vulnerable to Conficker than systems running Windows  2000, XP and Windows Server 2003, the virus also highlighted the very real consequences of not using the latest software versions.

ManaSyst's Desktop Host and Microsoft As A Service products keep your systems patched and the most current versions of the software are made available to our users at no additional charge.

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Security Policies and Enforcement

As mobile devices become more and more prevalent in the workplace, research shows that policies and enforcement are not keeping up with the increased risk of a data breach. 

One issue is the question of whether or not corporate policies are hindering productivity. There may be, for example, a legitimate reason for someone to copy data to a USB stick and transfer it to a computer outside the enterprise.

According to a recent survey report, 58 percent of the respondents said they felt their companies did not provide adequate training on following the rules, while 46 percent said the policies were too complex to understand.

Employees are under tremendous pressure to be highly mobile and productive, but they aren't being properly educated on the risks to data integrity; they are taking data outside of the organizational structure without complete understanding or awareness of the serious implications of a breach or misuse of sensitive information.

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