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What Exactly is Desktop Host?

Desktop Host is much like any other subscription service. Typically, companies pay a per month fee (sometimes a per-user fee) for remote access to the particular Desktop Host functionality. The solutions are typically accessed via the Internet using a popular Internet browser. ManaSyst’s Desktop Host is a leading example of this model. Desktop Host can be delivered in many ways. For instance, Desktop Host can be ‘multi-tenant,’ meaning that one instance of the software can support multiple users across multiple companies. However, remote Desktop Host solutions are designed to maintain a high level of security so that one party cannot see the other party’s data.

In some cases, particularly in larger organizations, a company may have so many users and such large transaction volume that it makes sense to have their own private version of the solution. In either case, like a private conversation on the telephone, all communications are confidential to the organizations involved in a given transaction.

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