ManaSyst is building affordably managed, private cloud solutions for each of our small businesses customers.
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Leveraging 3rd party computing capability over the internet to cut costs, increase scale, improve agility, and access best practices.

Imagine what it would be like without any servers in your office and an IT staff that focused on growing your business instead of keeping the lights on. "The cloud", the black box of technology—and all its benefits and cost savings—is now open for mainstream use.

ManaSyst's "Desktop Host" cloud computing at its root is a service that provides solutions through the Internet. Our Desktop Host "cloud" provides services that vary in capability from basic e-mail service to enterprise software applications such as customer relationship management (CRM). The primary objective of  our Desktop Host cloud computing is to provide companies with a powerful platform to build and host applications that allow them the ability to scale on demand.

With Desktop Host and the cloud, a small business can now use the same software and services that major corporations do today, without having its own IT staff or datacenter. With our Desktop Host product we are able to offer powerful application subscriptions, from companies such as Microsoft, for a fraction of what it would cost to run internally. Small business owners, who are cost- and time-sensitive, no longer need Knowledge of technology in order to leverage its power and benefit

We see Desktop Host as a natural evolution of computer technology.  After all, your electric utility doesn't ask you to maintain a generator in your back yard. So why should you maintain complex network servers?

Let Desktop Host assist you with the MANAgement of your SYSTem.

ManaSyst - an acronym for "MANAgement Asistance through the use of SYSTems".

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Remote Applications and Hosted Remote Desktop for Your Business

Securely run your business and desktop applications virtually from anywhere at anytime from any personal computer via "the cloud"!
ManaSyst is your one-stop-shop when it comes to managing Hosted Remote Desktop services. Access important company information, make changes to spreadsheets, type up a word document – the possibilities are almost endless with desktop applications hosted in the cloud. We help you do more with less!

Now, you and your employees can have FULL access to all of your desktop applications – including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook and more by Microsoft as a Service! We offer the possibility of accessing these desktop applications from virtually anywhere with a personal computer. And the best part is: you don’t have to worry about backup equipment, extra servers or even IT personnel. That’s the beauty of utilizing a remote desktop service! You handle your company’s day to day and we’ll handle the rest!

>> Click to learn more about our hosted remote desktop products, services and packages.

How Microsoft as a Service works with remote Desktop Host

Through a partnership with Microsoft, ManaSyst offers your company the most current and cutting-edge in Microsoft products and desktop applications – for LOW monthly rates. Because we, the licensee, are able to obtain and manage these Microsoft products at a low monthly rate, we can in-turn provide your company with:
-       the most current Microsoft products
-       safe and secure access to these desktop products from anywhere in the world
-       payment based on usage – you only pay for what you utilize
-       24/7 IT support available for your desktop applications
-       no hidden fees or upfront costs
As part of our guarantee, we offer our licensed products available for a 30 day trial basis! To begin your free trial today, contact us today. We look forward to helping your business today!

Why are ManaSyst's Cloud Services the best for Your Company? Minimize
Software and Data Accessibility – Anywhere, Anytime
  • Work from your PC’s desktop, anytime with full system support from ManaSyst.
  • Access all of your personal files and sensitive company files and data from any PC anytime.
  • Utilize applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Quickbooks 
  • Communicate effectively between office locations anywhere.
  • Sync to a compatible mobile phone.
Cost Efficient and Effective
  • Fixed Monthly Costs.
  • Eliminate costly IT services and personnel.
  • Seamless software updates at no additional cost. (see the security benefit of up to date software)
  • Eliminate the cost of expensive equipment purchases.
  • Utilize our IT support - 24/7, anywhere in the world at anytime - at no additional cost to your monthly fee. Real-time remote support.
Safety and Security for Your Company’s Sensitive Data
  • Run your business securely.
  • Redundant, back-up servers hosted in a secure data center.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • State-of-the-art Firewall protection.
  • Encrypted data and Virus protection.
More “YOU” Time
  • Focus your employees on the success and functions of your company.
  • Spend less time worrying about PC updates, software downloads or overcrowding your hard drives.
  • Worry less about expensive overhead costs from equipment, software and IT employees.
  • Focus more time on driving the success of your company 

See ManaSyst’s Desktop Applications in Action
Want to see how each of the Microsoft Desktop Applications provided by ManaSyst can benefit your company? Click here to view demonstrations of each product.

We offer Microsoft Applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel (to name a few) to you at a low monthly rate. This means you don’t have to purchase countless licenses and products for your company with the hassle of worrying about updates or support. ManaSyst will not only assist you in the set-up of these desktop applications but we will provide you with updates and support seamlessly. This is the beauty of hosted remote desktop solutions! We provide the latest and current in Microsoft products and manage them without service interruption on your end.


What is Hosted Desktop and How Can It Work for Your Company?

Our Hosted Remote Desktop Service is a monthly subscription service that provides your company with essential applications that are integral to the function of a company. Each of our applications are accessible to you from anywhere in the world as long as you have personal computer online access. This means you can be away from your personal computer and securely access important company data from the other side of the world and feel like you are working directly on your personal computer!  Read More...

Guaranteed Security for Your Business

Protect your company from not only traditional virus threats and spam but also from the threat of being out of compliance with corporate of government regulations. We offer Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 which provides all of these and enhanced capabilities that will provide advanced security for your business.
-       Comprehensive and Robust Security. High availability options to help ensure the uninterrupted flow of e-mail and business.
-       Streamlined Communications. Experience e-mail, calendar and faxes seamlessly delivered into one Inbox.

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