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Database Elements Relationships (continued)





Relationships in which one record can have subordinate records are called parent-child relationships. For example, accounts can have sub-accounts. In the real-world, a company may have several branches or have subsidiaries. In the database, this is handled by having a parent account which can have child accounts: a parent-child relationship. Parent-child relationship can be used to show hierarchies between records.
The underlying relationships in the database sometimes dictate what information is available from a given entity record or homepage, what information can be searched on, and so on.
While the database dictates the key relationships and the restrictions on them, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides ways for you to define relationships between records. For instance, you may need to create an activity that requires you to e-mail someone. However, you are e-mailing someone in regards to a certain account. You can use the set regarding function to relate the activity record to the account record. Then when you review the history of the account, you will see the activity that was completed for it.

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