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Chapter 2.3 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing

In addition to the core customer modules, several other entities help marketing teams obtain leads and hand them off to your sales team:

Campaigns: Allows you to create marketing programs that use communication vehicles (such as e-mail, advertisements and direct mail) to accomplish specific results in a specific timeframe, such as introducing new products.

Marketing Lists: Allows you to create lists of accounts, contacts, or leads that match specific set of criteria. You can use marketing lists for marketing campaigns or to do targeted sales work.

Competitors: Allows you to track competitors, which are other businesses or entities that might compete with your organization for sales opportunities.

Sales Literature: Allows you to store sales literature such as brochures and collateral in the system.

Products: Allows you to manage your catalog of available products, the items or services that the organization sells or provides. Products can be linked to other records, such as quotes, campaigns, and cases.

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