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Chapter 2.2 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales

In addition to the core customer modules, several other entities help sales representatives track leads and move them through the sales process to return revenue to the company:

Leads: Manage possible customers who must be qualified or disqualified as sales opportunities. If a lead is qualified, it can be converted to an opportunity, account, and/or contact for additional tracking.

Opportunities: Manage potential sales to a customer and track them through the sales process.

Quotes: Manage the formal offers for products or services, proposed at specific prices and the related payment term. Quotes can be sent to an opportunity, account, or contact.

Orders: Manage confirmed requests for the delivery of goods or services based on specified terms. An order is a quote that has been accepted by a customer.
Invoices: Manage invoices orders that have been billed. Invoices record a sale to a customer, including details about the products or services purchased.

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