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Chapter 2.4 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service

In addition to cases, mentioned earlier, the following service modules can be used by your organization to retain and satisfy customers by providing them high-quality services and responding effectively to customer questions:

Contracts: Allows you to manage contracts, which are agreements to provide support during specified coverage dates or for a specified number of cases or for a specified length of time.

Services: Allows you to manage services, which are work performed for a customer by one or more resources. Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitates the scheduling of services and the resources required.

Cases: Allows you to track cases, which are customer service issues or problems reported by a customer. Cases track the activities that customer service representatives use to resolve the issue.

Knowledge Base: Allows you to manage and work with the Knowledge Base, which is a repository of articles of importance to your personnel and customers. The Knowledge Base lets you draft, submit, review, and publish articles such as FAQ's, trouble-shooting information, and so on.

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