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How Microsoft As A Service works with Desktop-Host
ManaSyst is in a partnership with Microsoft that provides a fast, easy way to give our customers access to fully licensed Microsoft products.
Because ManaSyst—not our customer—is the licensee, the complexity of offering software services is reduced.
Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to license Microsoft products on a monthly basis and use them to provide software services and hosted applications to customers.
What's in it for you?
•  No Upfront Costs
•  Most Current Product Versions - You have access to the most current versions of the products available in the program
•  Pay Based On Usage - Monthly usage-based cost means you pay only for what was made available the previous month
•  Worldwide Access - Use Microsoft licensed products from any part of the world
•  Evaluations - Evaluate licensed products on a trial basis for up to 30 days


Corporate Overview
ManaSyst, Inc. is a private corporation based in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded in 1987, ManaSyst has evolved into a technology company that offers services based on various related technologies. Bruce Franklin, the owner of ManaSyst is the driving force in the company.
Bruce’s experience in information systems began in 1970. His career has given him a working view of both large and middle sized corporate America and has taught him how to apply technology in a useful manner. He has participated in many "firsts" in the computer industry including work as a consultant to IBM on the development of the original personnal computer.  He has written books about the computer industry; has been a speaker at national conventions and participated in national standard setting organizations.  Bruce participated as a consultant for some of the largest document capture projects in the world. He engineered the technology and the staffing for entire departments that would capture in excess of ten million pages of large and small documents used for the operation of oil refineries, financial institutions, agriculture businesses, railroads, property managers, legal services, and government agencies.
ManaSyst designed and developed internet based document management software known today as Web.Dox™.  ManaSyst built a data center and a scanning center with the capability to provide imaging and “cloud” services to businesses in the Northeast Florida and Georgia coastal area as early as 1996.
In order to provide better security and redundancy for our customers, ManaSyst became Peak-10's first customer and during 2000 moved our data center within the Peak-10 facilities. From our new data center we began to host strategic web sites, e-mail and web based applications for commercial organizations.
Since we moved to Peak-10 we have managed servers in multiple data centers for many organizations in our area including the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Idea Integration (a division of Modis), the Jacksonville Zoo, The Florida Forum, Auto-Nation, and the National Football League. As a service to our community we offer discounted hosting services to many of the Jacksonville areas non-profit organizations including Volunteer Jacksonville, the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, Challenge Enterprises, Vision Is Priceless, We Give, the Non-Profit Center, and the Northeast Florida Family Nurturing Center.
For three years we have offered Microsoft software products in the "cloud" on a "pay for what you use" subscription basis. These software products are hosted on servers owned by ManaSyst.  No longer do businesses have to make the capital acquisition of software and expensive server hardware. And, they gain the ability to use the products, anywhere in the world that an internet connection can be made, from the security, redundancy and reliability of world class data centers.

Mobile computing and Security

The line between personal and corporate computing devices is blurring and seems ready to disappear; here's how to keep corporate data protected and employees productive. Read more here.

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