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All you need is Internet access
If your employees can access the Internet, then your company's resources are available. With Desktop-Host, your employees log in directly via icons on their computer screen or through their Internet browser.  Once logged in, users can access all of their programs, data, email, and any other applications they use to do their jobs. Your employees will have secure access to everything they need no matter where, when, or how they work.

Just Log In
To access your network, your employees logon once using their username and secure password. They are authenticated on the network and are presented with everything they need. All applications and data are hosted from the Desktop-Host Data Centers.


Most companies want to or need to be cloud-enabled. The problem for most – knowing where to start the journey and worse, knowing how to complete and get the most out of the transition.

Whether your organization is moving from one datacenter to another, implementing a cloud strategy for additional computing resources or high availability, or integrating a failover site – data migration and infrastructure integration often create a significant obstacle.  Without in-house cloud computing expertise, transferring data from an entire datacenter, or even just a single machine to to a cloud services provider poses significant challenges such as keeping the infrastructure continuously running (minimal downtime), maintaining data integrity and ensuring security throughout the integration process.

We create migration plans, architect solutions that provide a seamless management experience between cloud and physical environments, and offer alternative options to meet your organization’s security, performance and recovery needs.

In most cases, you have already made infrastructure investments that you do not want to lose – subsequently, we work with you to create solutions that can utilize your existing infrastructure – either at your datacenter or our own – and integrate it with additional resources or failover capabilities in a cloud datacenter. Once you are our client, ManaSyst's robust platform allows seamless migration from any of our solutions to another to meet your changing business needs.

Benefit from Proven Expertise
ManaSyst's assists businesses like yours succeed in every step of the migration process - from developing strategic plans that fit your unique business goals to testing data on the new environment to ensure accurate configurations were architected.

Whether you need consultation or full migration services, we work closely with your organization to create a timeline that fits your schedule, and provide the level of assistance that your organization requires. Whether you use our services or another cloud provider, our migration process experience, documentation, and guidance are readily available.

Choose from Flexible Migration Options
We offer solutions that provide the flexibility to migrate the system in stages to meet your company's timelines and budget. We will work with you to ensure that when you (or we) move data from your own servers to a managed or cloud hosting environment that your infrastructure and mission-critical applications experience little to no downtime – we also make sure to help preserve the data integrity and security of your solution.

The Migration Process Perfected
After 14+ years of helping clients migrate and integrate their websites, applications, infrastructures and datacenters, ManaSyst has perfected the migration process to ensure that your transition to the cloud is painless. With our scalable, connected platforms your migration to ManaSyst may be the last migration you ever need to complete

Everything is delivered from the Remote Desktop-Host Data Centers
With Desktop-Host, all of your applications and data are delivered and are fully supported from our secure, state-of-the-art, dual data center facilities. We completely remove your dependence on in-house servers, software, and helpdesk personnel. Desktop-Host relieves your company of all of the mundane day-to-day IT responsibilities. In return, you get stability and peace of mind along with the features and functionality of an IT department.

Work anywhere and operate centrally
Because your employees can log in from anywhere, they're able to work anywhere - from home, from work, or from the road. With Desktop-Host, it doesn't matter where or how you access the network, the experience is exactly the same. This makes it possible for users in multiple locations to all operate centrally under one "virtual roof".

Support that's supportive
Call or request support and get a live person. We are your helpdesk. We can troubleshoot your connection, help you with an application error, or answer any type of IT question. With the user's permission, one of our support technicians can instantly share their screen and move their cursor and mouse in order to quickly resolve any issue. This is the most effective, immediate way to provide IT support. Without exception, Desktop-Host will improve the level of IT support that your users receive.

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