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Lit-LiteTM Litigation Review Tool

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Lit-LiteTM Features

ManaSyst’s Lit-Lite™ is an easy to use, web-browser based legal review platform. It is designed for legal teams who need to review large volumes of documents. Fast!

Easy to use.. Lit-Lite™ is a web browser based application that is easy to use for even the most technically illiterate lawyer.

Powerful Search: Lit-Lite™ features intuitive search functionality. Users can efficiently build, save and load complex search queries involving keywords, phrases, date ranges, relational searches and boolean operators. Searches can be performed over document content (full-text and metadata) or user-created tags. Results are displayed in a clean 'grid view' and can be dynamically sorted, filtered and selected for review.

Intelligent Review and 'One Click' Tagging: Depending on your requirements, documents (including metadata) may be reviewed from within your web browser. Users may add multiple custom 'tags' to a document, with a full audit trail. Annotations and notes may be added to documents and are included in the search capabilities.

Document Lists, On-Demand: Lit-Lite™ allows your legal team to generate their List of tagged Documents on-demand.

User and Matter Management: Securely manage your legal team and cases. The ability to create, edit and delete multiple users for each case. Lost or stolen USB storage can be disabled from anywhere.

Our Place or Yours? Lit-Lite™ may be accessed via USB storage, or 'on-demand' via our hosting service.


...A Different Pricing Model

Our model is so different than traditional software that it is confusing without a bit of explanation.  Lit-Lite is as much of a service as it is a product.  The actual product charges are minimal.  However, our goal is to be an affordable document consultant for you and to assure you that you will not experience any of the aggravation typical of dealing with the technical requirements of traditional software review packages.  We make certain your staff and associates are successful at using the review software.  
First, Lit-Lite is sold on a case by case basis.  This allows attorneys to bill for the cost of the review software for any particular case.  Traditional software is an "overhead" item for the attorneys practice, and because it a cost of doing business, in many states the attorney cannot bill for the cost of the review software.  Since ManaSyst's product provides a separate lincense for each case, the cost of the software may be billed by the attorney's office to the client.

"Base price", "Annotations", "Applications", and "Users"

Lit-Lite uses a USB stick on which both the software and the images reside. This allows Lit-Lite to be used from any computer with a USB slot.  There is a base price ($50.00) plus an "Application" price for each USB stick.  The base software included with each application will allow images to be viewed and for annotations (highlighter, notes, redact, etc.) to be made to the pages of the documents.  We segregate software licenses from users ($10.00 each) since you may want to have one stick that can be shared between more than one user.


Tags, as opposed to annotations, are standard categories that pages of the documents can be "tagged" with.  Later, of course the system can be queried to display all of the pages tagged with, for example, the "smoking gun" tag.  We will configure the system with as many tags as you want at $2.00 for each configured tag.

"Meta Data" and "Pages"

Next are the global pricing items for which we charge on a "per page" basis.  Document pages are sold in lots of 5000, starting $0.032 per page, and are discounted as the volume increases.  Meta Data, similar to tags, can be configured for as many items as you wish.  So, for example, in a case that includes email, at a minimum the "From", "To", "Subject", and "Date" of each email are desirable items to keep in the database of the review software.  Using this example there are four metadata items  for which we will charge $0.0032 per item, per page.
As an Example, if there is need for 5 document reviewers to each have an exclusive copy of the case documents (5 USB sticks) and there are 5 tags and 4 meta data items for 5,000 pages (not documents), then the total price for the software for this case is $834.00.  Incidentally the backup service is included in this price, which is highly recommended.  Lit-Lite's base price includes the ability to synchronize each users database via our central cloud server, but does not back up the images and annotations.  The backup service also enables us to add small volumes of images to a case via the synchronization process.
Should you determine at a later date that there is a new production of documents that needs to be added and that this new production is going to create the need for a sixth tag that you had not originally anticipated, then it is only necessary to give us a call and we can reconfigure the software for you for the additional cost of the added items.  This can be done at any time.
It is ManaSyst's goal and it is likely that you will want us to provide the professional services for loading the data and the documents onto the USB sticks for you.  We will provide these services for $150.00 per hour.  Since the images and data may be coming from any number of sources with unpredictable data formats, it is difficult to give an exact price, however, as an example, making the assumption that email is already converted to an image format and that the meta data is contained in a text file, this process generally is less than $300.00.
And, finally, if you have a need to convert email or paper files into usable electronic documents, we have partners we will coordinate for you to get the job accomplished.  When you have the opportunity call us and we will walk you through a demonstration of the document review product.  I think you will find it intuitive and easy to use.  After all, we're the new guy on the block when it comes to document review.

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