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Lit-LiteTM Litigation Review Tool

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Lit-LiteTM What is it?

Lit-Lite™ brings together the best features of information and document management in a system designed for ease of use.  

Lit-LiteTM Features Minimize

ManaSyst’s Lit-Lite™ is an easy to use, web-browser based legal review platform. It is designed for legal teams who need to review large volumes of documents. Fast!

Easy to use.. Lit-Lite™ is a web browser based application that is easy to use for even the most technically illiterate lawyer.

Powerful Search: Lit-Lite™ features intuitive search functionality. Users can efficiently build, save and load complex search queries involving keywords, phrases, date ranges, relational searches and boolean operators. Searches can be performed over document content (full-text and metadata) or user-created tags. Results are displayed in a clean 'grid view' and can be dynamically sorted, filtered and selected for review.

Intelligent Review and 'One Click' Tagging: Depending on your requirements, documents (including metadata) may be reviewed from within your web browser. Users may add multiple custom 'tags' to a document, with a full audit trail. Annotations and notes may be added to documents and are included in the search capabilities.

Document Lists, On-Demand: Lit-Lite™ allows your legal team to generate their List of tagged Documents on-demand.

User and Matter Management: Securely manage your legal team and cases. The ability to create, edit and delete multiple users for each case. Lost or stolen USB storage can be disabled from anywhere.

Our Place or Yours? Lit-Lite™ may be accessed via USB storage, or 'on-demand' via our hosting service.


...Bridging The Gap

What gap? You might ask. Let's face it, when litigation review tools were introduced about 10 years ago, there was little thought put into the process addressing Attorneys that preferred to review everything in paper. Cost was not an issue, and many electronic productions were simply paper productions that were scanned into an electronic format. It actually cost MORE to review electronically. Since then times have changed. More and more documents are coming to us in an electronic format. The software products that started 10 years ago were market driven and were pushed to add more and more features each quarter. If you were an Attorney that reviewed everything on paper, each quarter that passed by put you further and further behind the learning curve to use these software products that continue to get more and more complex even today! That added complexity comes at a significant cost! In today's economy, many firms are caught between a rock and a hard place. While firms have to cut back on many things t make up for the cutbacks their clients have made in the area of litigation, the software solutions continue to grow and charge more. Many software solutions require the firm to have a permanent IT professional on staff!

Lit-LiteTM addresses both of those issues. Our Lit-LiteTM, tool is both easy to use, and cost effective. In minutes you will be reviewing electronically "like a pro", with no need for an IT professional, with a tangible cost that can be billed right to your client! Keeping law firms profitable these days takes more than just cutting back on support staff and client entertainment. Our "one key per case" service offering takes the burden of review tool costs off of the firm's profit margin and shifts it back onto the client, where it belongs.

Lit-LiteTM Specifications:
  1. Document pages stored on USB stick(s). 
  2. Documents can be retrieved by tags, bookmarks, or by full text retrieval.
  3. Multi-user capable without expensive "in-house" server and network infra-stucture.
  4. Work from anywhere with or without internet or network access.
  5. Annotations, tags, bookmarks and notes are synchronized with other users once you are re-connected to the internet. 
  6. Automatic backup of data is "baked-in" to the synchronization process.
  7. Complete security system built into product.
  8. Large volumes of documents and associated index information are imported into the system by ManaSyst or one of their partners.
  9. Web browser technology allows flexible and easy to use document viewer features.
  10. Easily deployed and no maintainance.


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