If I asked you to find a paper document you filed yesterday, could you find it in the time it took to read this message?

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What Is Web.Dox?

Web.Dox™ is an information and document management system designed from the ground up for administration and use in the Web Server environment. As a strategic computer product for the war on paper, it not only can catalog and store paper images, but it creates an environment where information, be it in computer files, in paper files, or on bookshelves is instantly available to all authorized parties.

In fact, any type of document (fax, scanned paper, computer report, word processing, spreadsheet, photograph, video clip) can be stored in its native format, protected from loss or change, and retrieved in seconds, cost effectively. Web.Dox™ also links each document to information databases that add valuable knowledge about the document.

Web.Dox™ brings together the best features of information and document management in a system designed for ease of use on the internet or a corporate intranet.  

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Data, Text, Images, Graphics, Animation, Video and Voice.... These are your Business Assets

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Can you access data reliably, consistently, and predictably?

Web.Dox Document Management System


  • Web.DOX merges the power of the Web with your organization's sensitive paper document stream to transform your workplace into an organized superpower!

  • With Web.DOX, never lose another paper record within your organization again!

  • Become more efficient by moving paper documents through the pipeline faster than ever before.

  • Save money by reducing off-site storage and retrieval fees.

  • Integrate Web.Dox into your accounts payable software to boost productivity to new heights.

  • Retrieve documents in seconds using a standard Internet connection and a simple Web browser

  • Web.Dox operates using secure off-site Web servers, so there is no hardware or software to purchase.

    What are you waiting for?  Take control of your document stream today.

Web.Dox Specifications:
  1. Virtual Storage location feature allows files to be stored over multiple locations in the inter/intranet.
  2. Documents can be retrieved by catalog or by full text retrieval.
  3. Complete security system built into product allows ownership of documents by group or individual user.
  4. Batch upload feature allows large volumes of documents and associated index information to be imported into the system.
  5. "Hit Lists" from queries to the system can be sorted by clicking mouse on column heading.
  6. Web browser plug-in technology allows flexible document (file) viewer features.
  7. Easily deployed and maintained.
  8. Microsoft SQL Server database.

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Can your least technical executives access the information they need--when they need it?

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Are you using your data as a tool to become more competitive and profitable?

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What is your data saying about your business, your customers, your competition?

Is access to your paper documents slow?

Continuing to have paper files and even valuable paper documents is costing you money in this declining economy. The world has gone digital and this means three very important things to you:

Speed of a business - Transferring all of your paper files to digital means that you can now operate faster as a company and serve customers better. The speed of a business has a huge effect on its success.

Increased work done - If you had all your paper files accessible at the click of a button your employees would get a dramatic amount of increased work done saving you money and increasing the amount of money you make.

Paper files are a huge risk - if there is a fire or any other natural disaster that destroys property at your company.  You could be up and running literally in days, anywhere, if your company papers were backed up digitally.
Converting to a digitally based company can be easy, quick and painless.  In fact, just this process alone can have a major effect on productivity in your company -- on a nearly immediate basis. We live in times where such efficiency's can make the difference in terms of profitability.

ManaSyst, Inc. can make this conversion quick and easy. We have been scanning and capturing document data for 22 years. Our turnkey services and systems make document and data conversion available to anyone.  WebDox offers a fast and quick solution, to anyone that may have a need to retrieve data and images in your company. This speeds work to unprecedented levels. Your customers notice and your business increases.

Another way ManaSyst helps by "doing more with less".

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