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Data, Text, Images, Graphics, Animation, Video and Voice.... These are your Business Assets

Are you treating them as such?

For decades, you have managed structured data. But the information produced by today's organization comes from a variety of sources and is largely unstructured -- in the form of documents, images, recordings, graphics and text -- not in the form of fields, files and records. Understanding the complexity of today's information -- its structure, the standards and technology available to use it -- is a daunting task.

Can you access data reliably, consistently, and predictably?

Data must be accessible

It is no longer enough to capture data or even to retain and store it. Data must be  standardized to enable access from various departments and programs. Investments must be leveraged. Output must be scheduled, timed and optimized. To retain competitive equality, we all must understand what drives our customers. You have captured this information, but can you find it -- reliably, consistently and predictably? Can you organize and access it? Can you use it to make your organization more competitive?

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Can your least technical executives access the information they need--when they need it?

ManaSyst provides answers.

Yes, we capture images, index reports and encourage you to replace microfiche and paper. Our technology enables you to store billions of documents, images, voice and video recordings in a centrally accessible archive. By controlling your data, you take the first step in transforming it into something of value, something you can use. But storing the data is only the beginning. Access, and the ability to use the data, is what turns an archive into an asset.

Are you using your data as a tool to become more competitive and profitable?

To accomplish this, ManaSyst has created a world-class information and document management solution. We are a leader in our field and our software and services enable you to directly access and utilize the data within your archive. With these solutions you can directly access all of your data -- structured and unstructured. You can monitor trends in your customer's buying patterns, determine who is using a new service and who is not. Because of this, you can make more confident business decisions. You can improve service to your customers and become a more successful, more profitable organization.

What is your data saying about your business, your customers, your competition?

Turning data into knowledge requires innovation. Innovation in storage, yes. Innovation in access, absolutely. If you are seeking a competitive edge, looking to maximize your current investments, if you want to access your information assets and transform them into usable corporate knowledge, then look no further. We understand our business; it begins with understanding yours.

Document Management Solutions

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