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How Microsoft Outlook works with Fax-Host
ManaSyst is in a partnership with Microsoft that provides a fast, easy way to give our customers access to fully licensed Microsoft Outlook products for e-mail and contact management.
Because ManaSyst—not our customer—is the licensee, the complexity of offering software services is reduced.
Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to license Microsoft Outlook and Outlook with Business Contact Manager on a monthly basis and use them to provide them to our customers.
What's in it for you?
•  No Upfront Costs
•  Most Current Product Versions - You have access to the most current versions of the products available in the program
•  Pay Based On Usage - Monthly usage-based cost means you pay only for what was made available the previous month
•  Worldwide Access - Use Microsoft licensed products from any part of the world
•  Evaluations - Evaluate licensed products on a trial basis for up to 30 days

Discover a better way to fax – over the Internet with Fax Host

Fax Host provides small and medium-sized businesses an affordable, world-class digital faxing solution like big businesses enjoy--without the expense

Fax Host provides a cost-effective alternative to fax machines and in-house fax servers, ideal for your growing business, or high-volume faxing.

* 100% paperless faxing
* Employees receive & send faxes by email
* Mobile fax access via laptop or wireless PDA

Experience big business benefits at a small business price.

Enhanced Productivity

* Employees receive and send faxes by email
* Mobile fax access on your laptop or PDA
* 100% paperless solution, no printing required

Simple Setup

* Each employee receives a unique local or toll-free fax number
* Scalable solution sets up in minutes
* Compatible with Outlook and other email accounts

Cost Savings

* Requires no fax hardware, software, supplies or IT resources

"So simple a child could do it."

Fax Host brings the power and savings of internet faxing to your personal computer and handheld device. Receive and send faxes with nothing more than a broadband or dial-up connection to the internet. No telephone lines, fax modems or additional software required.

Subscribe to Fax Host for a reliable internet fax solution that delivers your fax via email right away and sends faxes on command.

Fax Host is quick and painless. Using email to fax, faxes are sent directly from your email account, so your internet connection plus your email program are the only requirements for this internet fax sending tool.

Receive faxes just as easily. Anytime a fax is sent to the personal fax number for your account, Fax Host forwards the fax to your email in PDF format.

Sign up for Fax Host today and experience the ultimate in unified communications.

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