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Why Authentication Matters When Choosing a certificate authority

We have all heard this comment before. “All SSL is the same. Why pay more?” This claim is what many low-cost Certificate Authorities use to tempt customers and partners.

SSL is the foundation for establishing trusted connections. Websites, ecommerce, email, VOIP, Unified Communications, Virtual Private Networks and other server to server connections depend on SSL to verify the identity of the servers/domains with which information is shared. SSL is more than just encryption. Encryption is great, but it does not matter without proper, rigorous authentication. When it comes to authentication procedures, certain brands are second to none.

Recently a certificate authority was breached. The hacker was able to issue fraudulent SSL certificates for fully qualified domain names belonging to Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Mozilla and Skype. While the certificates were eventually revoked, this situation quickly became a major security news story. Businesses with certificates from certification authorities that use rigorous authentication procedures were attacked as well, but the hacker was not successful.

ManaSyst is a partner with certification authorities that offer some of the most robust and scalable certificate authentication, issuance, management and hierarchy infrastructure in the industry. Authentication safeguards are critical to the trust and security delivered by the solutions that Manasyst sell. Our domain validation, organizational validation and extended validation SSL certificates all incorporate rigorous authentication practices to avoid issuing fraudulent certificates.

That adds tangible value to the service ManaSyst's offers our customers.  Our ten plus years of getting certificate authentication through the most rigorous procedures has saved our customers countless hours of frustration.

So next time a low-cost Certificate Authority says “All SSL is the same”, respond by reminding them that you get what you pay for. Reinforce the importance of authentication and ask them, “Do you really want me to put my company’s reputation and my customers’ data at risk to save a little bit of money?”


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