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SmarterTools continually makes improvements to products after their initial release, so variations of the interface may exist between the videos and the version of the product you are using. Any major changes are reflected in the videos.

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Smarter Support

ManaSyst's technical staff can Instantly view and control our customer computers with secure, easy-to-use remote-support technology, proven to:

  • Improve call-resolution times
  • Reduce travel and support costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Introducing SmarterMail
See how SmarterMail caters to end users, domain administrators, system administrators and business owners with synchronization, collaboration, reporting, antispam and more.
User Interface
Walk through some of the more unique features of SmarterMail's user interface, including full account indexing, advanced search, flagging emails, file storage and more.
Sharing and Collaboration Options
See how you can share things like calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and how you can use SmarterMail’s cloud storage to share documents, images, and other files.
Domain Administrator Interface
See a quick overview of the domain administrator capabilities, including domain-level reporting, system and domain level events, creating users, propagating user settings, and more.


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